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Some shots of our Community Education/Demo team in action. There were many more activities during the year that could not be listed here.

The Breed Fair

was a chance for people to come and meet 20 different dog breeds, as well as talk to people who are knowledgeable about the breeds and their care. Making sure you get the right dog for your needs and lifestyle is the first step to a good, long relationship with "man's best friend"

"Strut With Your Mutt"

was a benefit for Wayside Waifs shelter, and we drew a crowd with colorful handouts, training info, and lots of good conversation, as well as treats for dogs stopping by to chat.

The Raytown Roundup Parade

wouldn't be the same without our colorful group! We took a 3rd place ribbon despite the heat.


is a benefit for the Jackson County Parks trail-building group. We had a great time, and despite rain, met may people who loved petting our dogs as well as watching them perform. Dogs are a family affair!

If you would like us to make an appearance at your fund-raiser or event, please e-mail Dyane Kirkland at, and tell us about your event. We will get back with you soon.