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    Several levels of dog training are available from the Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club. These classes are suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds (including mixed breeds).  All classes are taught at our Raytown training facility, which is an all-weather, air-conditioned facility just east of I-435 on 63rd Street in Raytown.

    Puppy Classes: A four week class for puppies ages 3-6 months, teaching basic manners and helping socialize the puppy. This is a prelude to “official” obedience training.

    Beginner Obedience: A series of two six-week classes, designed for dogs 6 months and older (with no upper age limit). The Beginner I class is six weeks long, and is for dogs with no prior obedience training. It covers basic obedience and manners and problem solving.  The Beginner II class is the logical next step - refining the dog’s obedience and attention to the handler, and instilling control in many real-life situations.  The Canine Good Citizen test is given at the conclusion of the Beginner II class.

    Competition obedience levels include Pre-Novice (for dogs preparing to enter obedience trials, with all work done on-lead), Novice (for off-lead work and refinement of handling and response to commands), Open (preparation for the Open level competition), and Utility Theory (a class that benefits all handlers planning to enter obedience trials, with particular emphasis on how to train for reliable Utility exercises).

    In addition, we offer classes in Conformation (the “breed ring”) and occasional other workshops and seminars of interest to those who enjoy training dogs (whether or not you plan to compete).

    All obedience classes are taught by instructors who have titled a dog in the specific level being taught (Novice/CD being the least title earned by any instructor). The classes are designed to enable the new dog owner to learn about and enjoy training their dog, as well as for the seasoned competitor who wishes to ready a new dog for competition.

Please call the number listed below for
a current  application and class schedule.